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International Ambassadorships

Selected students receive a $1500 stipend award, receive guidance to make contacts and conduct interviews, prepare reflection reports and make presentations upon their return. Alumni abroad serve as initial contacts to students to ease students into making connections in the host country, thus paving the way for today’s Social Sciences International Ambassadors to be tomorrow’s community and world leaders.


Open to all non-graduating social sciences majors who have completed a minimum of 9 credit hours in their major.

Application Process: 

The students who wish to study abroad will identify a Rice-approved program through the International Programs Office and then submit an application for an International Ambassadorship (Click here for the application form.)

  • Spring ambassadorship applications are due by October 30th 
  • Summer/fall ambassadorship applications are due by March 15th


  • Top candidates will be assigned a social sciences faculty to interview on-campus and turn in a brief (2-3 page) transcript for posting on Gateway faculty interviews website.
  • Selected ambassadors will be assigned an alumni mentor in the host country and will have the opportunity to engage in dialogues with people in arts, business, public service, science or sports.
  • The students will share their experiences through reflection reports to the Dean’s Office, on the Gateway website, and participate in presentations on campus upon return.