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International Ambassador Application

School of Social Sciences

DEAR PROSPECTIVE STUDENT AMBASSADOR: Please complete the following International Ambassador application.

*Student Name:  
*Student Email:     Student NetID:
Major: Start Term: Current Level:  
Study Abroad Term: Study Abroad Location:  
Study Abroad University/Program:  

References- Please provide names of individuals who could serve as a reference for your work, character and commitment.
Rice Reference:  
Email:   Phone:  
Outside Reference:  
Email:   Phone:  

Research Topics- Please describe any previous research experiences, if any. Note: this is NOT a requirement for the program.
Research Advisor:


Essays- Please complete the following essays.

Why would you like to serve as an ambassador and what do you hope to learn from the experience?


Give us an idea some of the people you would consider as interesting candidates to interview. (You may think of people you can tie into furthering your research, or people in music, theatre, media, perhaps an author, a playwright, business executive, or a government official.)


List three to five questions you would like to ask them.


How would you go about making contact to schedule meetings with prospective interviewees? 


Is there anything else we should know when considering your application? For example, you may have unique characteristics or experiences that make you well-suited to the process of interviewing.




I hereby affirm that the information provided in this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I also recognize the right of the School of Social Sciences to exclude at any time a student whose conduct or academic standing renders undesirable his or her presence as an International Ambassador.

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