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The Social Sciences Undergraduate Research Enterprise (SSURE) awards up to $1500 in research stipends for students who complete an independent research project in consultation with a faculty mentor.


Open to all non-graduating social sciences majors who have completed a minimum of 9 credit hours in their major.

Application Process: 

  1.  The student consults with a potentially interested social sciences faculty member about their research ideas. (See questions to ask a potential faculty advisor.)
  2. The student and social sciences faculty member reach a mutual consensus regarding the project. (See what constitutes a good proposal.)
  3. The student submits a (3 page) proposal to the SSURE evaluation committee (Click here to download the grant proposal preparation guidelines.), along with a budget request for related expenses and a letter of support from the social sciences faculty member. (Click here for the application.) All proposal items should be emailed to alex.wyatt@rice.edu.
  4. The committee announces selection decisions within three weeks of the application due date and reserves the right to modify the budget (up or down) as deemed appropriate.
Applications for spring SSURE projects are due by November 30th 
Applications for fall SSURE projects are due by April 15th 

 **Please note if your research will use human subjects you MUST receive IRB approval from the university. Please consult with your faculty member for more information.  

Once Selected: 

  • The student works with their individual faculty member the following semester to complete their project.
  • The student presents their paper on campus, and possibly nationally at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) with students from across the nation.

Benefits of Participation: 

In the short-term, participating students receive several benefits, including:

  • Individual mentorship from a Rice social sciences faculty member, who serves as the project supervisor to the student, providing guidance and regular feedback as the student designs, executes, and writes up their proposed project.
  • Funding to help defray any costs associated with (a) data collection (e.g., funds to purchase a digital recorder for in-person interviews; membership costs for an online survey program like surveymonkey.com; travel expenses for library research at another university to access non-circulating materials, or to conduct in-person interviews with out-of-town respondents); and (b) data analysis (e.g., funds to purchase statistical programs to analyze qualitative or quantitative data, like SPSS, STATA, or NUD*IST). If warranted and if funds are available, SSURE participants will also be provided with funding to cover travel-related expenses to present their research findings out of state, at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR).

In the long-term, participating students benefit from:

  • An enhanced understanding of how scientists conduct and use social research to learn about our social world, and they develop practical skills and experience in conducting social research that many find useful after graduating from Rice. Both employers and graduate school admissions committees look favorably upon applicants who have taken the initiative to go beyond the classroom and apply that knowledge to the study of real-world social problems/issues.